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I previously installed this mirror in my '09 Jetta and ran the wires to the fuse box. I wanted to make things a little easier on my '10 GTI so I gave this install a try and was unsuccessful getting power to the mirror. If you connect both mirror power wires to the same map light power wire (the 2nd connector just a bit further down than the 1st), won't you get a voltage drop? I pulled out my multimeter and found that when the harness was plugged into the mirror and both wires were connected I only saw about 4-6 volts at the connectors. When I unplugged one, the other went back up to 12V. I don't know why I had this issue if several other have done this successfully, though... And I don't have anything skinny enough to test the voltage at the harness, rather than at the connector. So I wanted to try and put one of the other wires on a different 12V source up there, such as power for the bluetooth or sunroof, but wasn't sure which wire was which. Any ideas that I could try?
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