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I drove a Prius back in late 2010 and while it wasn't a terrible car, the only thing that really made it worthwhile was the fact that gas was $4 plus for 87 octane at the time in my area.

The car did break down on me with a power inverter issue, then later another issue involving one of the electric motors. Each required it to be at the dealer for a week plus for repairs. Out of warranty, one of the visits would have been over $3.5k worth in repairs. It was nothing me or my regular mechanic could service.

Is he trying to hook up with a tree hugger chick?

EDIT: My wife chimed in as I was writing this. She HATES Prius' and she said that we wouldn't be married right now if I had the car when I met her. I actually traded it in two weeks before I asked her out.
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