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Nismo 370z dead even I spun we floored it from 20mph. Had Chinese stretched tkres at the time lol

My buddies ko4H 1.8t Jetta smoked it.

Like 5 g35's wih eXhaust beat them easily. Once I took with 3 people in my car.

Hawk eye e85 wrx. Well this was dead even.

The 5 litter gto with exhaust got him by a car.

Plenty of 3v gt mustangs.

My buddies Mazdaspeed 6 with exhaust.

Held with a 5.0 until 60 then he starting pulling he gave me thumbs up.

My buddies stage 1 new wex smoked him nasty on 2 runs.

Only cars to ever smoke me were e85 evos, a unknown newer gen wrx guy pulled like 4 cars instantly. Said he was stock.
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