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2012 MK6 golf R: APR Stage 2+

Car kills: 2002 C5 Corvette LS1 6 speed, Mods: Intake, Exhaust, I won by about half of a car up to 120mph, started from a 55mph roll.

Nismo 370Z, Mods: Intake, exhaust and from a 60mph roll up to 110mph I got him by about 1 car and a half to two cars.

2010 Camaro SS 6 speed, Mods: bone stock I believe, from a 55mph roll I had 3 people in the car, so I was weighed down a bit and we were dead even from a 60mph roll until we had to stop early due to traffic at around 100mph or so.

2012 Mustang 5.0, Mods: Bone stock- I beat him 3 times, all going from 40mph roll, 55mph, and 60mph rolls. I got him by about 1/2 of a car each time give or take. Good runs!!

I've been beaten list:

2012 Cadillac CTS-V Mods: bone stock, I got the hit from a 60mph roll and by 100mph he passed me pretty damn easily and got me by like 4 cars or so. LOL! I got destroyed…….

1997 Toyota Supra Turbo 6 speed, Mods: It's my brother's car and it's BPU at 18psi of boost on stock twins. We went from a 40mph roll and I held him off till 80mph and after that he pulled by a whole lot of cars! LOL.

2010 Mustang GT500, Mods: pulley, intake, exhaust, tune. From a 50mph roll up to 120mph or so he got me by at least 4-6 cars. Another destroying session towards me.
12' R

Mods: APR downpipe, APR HPFP, CTS Turbo Intake ,CTS Turbo FMIC, APR Stage 2+ Tune.
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