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Originally Posted by Jeffs2013GTI View Post
I was approached to teach as well. I didn't go for it mainly due to safety issues I felt the "students" cars had. Even though their respective cars would pass tech, some of the suspension tuning was so bad that we would be bouncing off bump stops and normal speeds during the orientation of the track lap. I got out of the car, and said, "Dude, seriously how do you drive this thing" I refused to do any laps at speed in the car for what I felt were "Safety Issues". Some students thought I was some stuck up prick, but I take it seriously. They didn't, so I walked away from it.

All this stuff you guys are giving me is food for thought.

There's a lot of that unfortunately. I ask a lot of questions. Namely what kind of fluid are you using, when was it last flushed, what kind of pad etc. I usually will ask to drive their car first for a few laps before agreeing to get in as a passenger.
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