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Originally Posted by Bozz View Post
German Castrol (GC) is a superior lubricant for our engines:

And yes, the 5W-40 Castrol you usually see, is nowhere even close to GC.
Yep, I know the deal with the GC.. it's good stuff. The problem is that it's hard to find consistently everywhere. A lot of people are scared to use anything but 5w40 Syntec, since they think somehow their engine is going to split in half or something.

I tend to tell people to stick with the diesel oils just for accessibility and price, plus it's got extra zddp that should help combat follower wear. I haven't checked the uoa's for GC, but I'd assume it's got zddp on probably the same level since they don't have the same epa regulations over in Europe that would force the reduction of it like we do here
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