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Opinion: 2012 GTI Autobahn w/EVERYTHING

My MKIV 2.Slow is finally giving out on me after 17 years so I've been looking for an upgrade. I think I may have found it. Drove an hour north to a dealer in Indiana and found a fully loaded Grey GTI Autobahn. Nav, Sun Roof, DSG, Leather (oh my!), Xenon Lights, DynaAudio. Tried a 2013 GLI but was underwhelmed. Stepped in this and fell in absolute love.

List price is 19,995 at 45k miles and great condition coming off a 3 year lease. I was only able to get them down to $19,300 on the car, though. They fired back and said this could be out the door asap and that it's the only one within 500 miles. The latter of which I can definitely confirm. Only a $200 doc fee.

I definitely believe that I can't find one this high spec'd. Been looking forever! The question is whether I'm getting my moneys worth.

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