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I went from MK7 Stg1 + bolt ons to this MK6 K04. I personally feel like this move was worth it; the MK6 is simply a better built car compared to the 7. Yes, it lacks some of the new technology and frills, but its a more solid car. Built in actual germany, not Mexico. Yes, manufacturing practices are generally the same blablabla but literally you can feel the MK6 is tighter and it rattles less.

Power delivery: With bolt ons i estimate my stg 1 7 made ~320whp/380wtq. Impressive and it certainly was a hella quick car, not losing by too much to a k04 6 w/ extras.

But this 6 with k04, especially in dsg, is serious. It's awesome and if i were in your shoes i would slap in a k04 and be done.
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