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Installed the DV+ Diverter Valve today.

Install: Pretty easy overall. Hardest part was pulling off the damn OEM clip that goes into the housing. That thing is a B@#$%! But apart from that it is pretty stupid proof. Lube up the DV+ piston with some motor oil and replace. Put as much torque as you can on those hard to reach allen wrenches and let her rip.

Impressions: Well to be honest i was a bit disappointed i didnt get any "pigeons" (i kinda like the sound). However the response is insane. It builds boost noticeable quicker and holds it so much better. At WOT i am holding 18lbs. With the OEM DV i would spike at 20lbs and it would trickle down to about 16lbs.

For the money its hard for me NOT to suggest this. Easy install; noticeable results; less than 180 bucks shipped. Buy it
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