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Originally Posted by Bcastine View Post
Seems almost obvious what is happening. It seems like every instance involves starting the car shortly after previously driving. Fuel is heat soaking in between the hpfp and injectors. Heat the once cool pressurized fuel and you expand it volumetrically. Attempt to start the car and you get a temporary rich condition, essentially flooding the engine until an attempt two when cool fuel is once again drawn in and all is well. It seems most instances are happening to people in hot climates amplifying the problem. IDK, just an idea.
I have never experienced this issue with my 2011 in 40k miles of ownership, but I live up north, and very rarely if ever let the car sit 20-30min between starts.
Seems like a legit thought...also explains the reason for the dealer not being much help. I'm in Arizona so temps are much higher than most. This may just be a summer is as I don't remember having too many start issues during the winter here. Ill continue to look around and see if any of the other forums have found a solution.
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