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Originally Posted by maxman142001 View Post
Seems like a legit thought...also explains the reason for the dealer not being much help. I'm in Arizona so temps are much higher than most. This may just be a summer is as I don't remember having too many start issues during the winter here. Ill continue to look around and see if any of the other forums have found a solution.

This is not just a summer issue. I live in tx, which is also a warmer climate, and had this hard start issue happen in 45 degree weather., and through the milder days of winter.

However it definitely is more prone to occurring when it is warm. The range of engine temperatures where I see this problem is wider in the summer.

Try this. I started my gti one morning and let it warm to the 9 o'clock position, then shut it off, without ever putting the car in gear or driving. It takes about 5 or 10 minutes. On the next few startups immediately after that, without driving, I was able to reproduce the. Issue. That is, I could start it and observe the rough idle, then shut it off. Then start it again,rough idle , etc. I have a video of this I should post.

Vw blamed two things on this issue. One, fuel quality. "Stop going to shell and chevron" "use exxon". ridiculous. The second was they blamed me. The vw case representative was a huge *&%$# who basically didn't believe this was an issue, refused to watch the like 7 youtube videos I posted relating to this, and basically told me to stop whining. All of this under the full vw warranty. I am now at 31000 miles, and still experincing the issue. I really love the car, but this is a very stupid issue to have.

One guy on vortex told me that vw replaced his throttle body and resolved the issue, but I am not sure if that is all they did, and I kindof don't want to replace a $400 part if its not really the root cause. I don't have a vcds either.
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