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Hi Guys, I read through everything and my stalling issue only happened once before my APR stage 3+ upgrade. (2011 DSG w/ turn key ignition) (29,000 miles on the clock right now)

But my stall only happens on startups, after the engine starts everything seems fine. But lot of times I will get a weak start, it feels like the car is about to stall but not quite there.(its super annoying)

The first time it happened was in the fall at night on a cold start, It basically was just choking when I tried to start the car, then the car stalled. But second time worked fine.

Now I just had the Turbo upgrade, it happens way more often than before. But if I blip the throttle to give a little gas it will start right up every time when its choking.

I think the problem could be the engine is not getting enough fuel, so it maybe the fuel pump, the fuel injectors, or anything related to that area IMO. Gonna get it to the shop in couple weeks and see what happens, will keep this updated.

Really hope we can all solve this issue.

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