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So here's where I'm at:
i suspet the chain tensioner failed and the car jumped timing on a cold startup. when my mechanic pulled the timing chain cover it was clear the cams were off several teeth. but that's just a guess based on symptoms.
pretty much what this epic thread is all about.

Here's the work i had done over the last two weeks since this issue first started:
-plugs and coils all replaced.
-pcv valve replaced (again) because my mechanic suspected it was defective as there was a minor whistle coming from that area
-smoke test done, no intake leaks anywhere.
-compression test with good readings on all cylinders at operating temp
-full timing chain job- tensioner, chain, guides etc. the original chain was stretched pretty bad. he triple checked the timing and is sure it's on.
-after the timing job was done and the engine re-timed, the car would run but was still misfiring and throwing a
p0016 code (cam position code), multiple misfires, which lead him the camshaft bridge failure TSB
-he replaced the cam bridge as the screen had blown out and he was concerned the valves in the original bridge weren't supplying sufficient oil to the cams. during the replacement he performed the pressure test prescribed in the camshaft bridge tsb, and it passed.

something's still not right, and my mechanic fears there's a bent or damaged intake valve(s), or maybe a warped cam which is causing the p2187 engine too lean code and the p0016 code. he suggested i take it and drive it for a couple of days to see if it would self-correct. i know that's a long shot but i probably don't have anything to lose at this point.

the car is drive-able and it's better than it was. but still messed up. here's the current behavior-
-it's still throwing the p0016, p2187, and multiple misfire codes.
-i started it once yesterday and it idled really rough for three or four minutes, threw these codes, and then the idle stabilized. i drove it about 20 miles and at normal rpms it ran pretty smooth. but any heavy throttle would cause stuttering and intermittent check engine light flashes. it also seemed to struggle getting going from a stop at idle.
-this morning i started it up and it fired right up without a rough idle. it ran at 1k rpms for a minute then stabilized at 800rpm like normal. i did notice a light whistling sound from the top of the engine, so i'm not sure if that's a pcv issue or just a random sound.
-i drove it about 10 miles, and it ran pretty smooth, better than yesterday. under hard acceleration it still stumbles, but not as bad as yesterday. i drove in sport mode and it pulled ok, but i didn't really push it super hard. the hesitation at idle from a stopped position is still there, but not as bad.
-i'm pretty confused about the symptoms at this point... not really sure what to think.

my mechanic is now suggesting i bring it in for a carbon cleaning now as a last shot prior to taking the head off. to my knowledge this car has never had a carbon cleaning. so i guess it's worth a shot.

i've also read some stuff about the cam sensor, which as far as i know was not replaced during the timing job.

i'm at a loss at this point. i may try to get it in to another shop for a second opinion.

i'm $2800 into maintenance on this car after only 2500 miles and 10 weeks of ownership, and looking at a possible valve job or even engine replacement. i think i really need to try to cut my losses and get this thing running good enough to trade it in and get it out of my life...

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