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i got the r8 coils and new ngk plugs in today. that solved the misfires under heavy throttle. those were almost certainly caused by the crappy aftermarket coils and $3 denso plugs they put in it.

it's still throwing a random misfire code (but no individual cylinder misfires) and there's a p2128 intake leak code that's been there from the start. but that's probably just a legit intake leak somewhere. i'll get it back in to steve's for a smoke test next week.

but honestly, the car runs and drives like it did the day i bought it now. i'm seeing codes on my obdII scanner, but no check engine light.

now i just have to fix the newly discovered cracked and leaking rear wiper hose that's spraying fluid down into the hatch, soaking the tail light wiring harnesses and shorting out my whole wiper system (and probably causing the esp error i get on startups now...)

if it ever stops snowing i'll get it back out on the road and beat the hell out of it like i originally intended when i bought it three months ago.
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