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Originally Posted by nickmk6r View Post
You seem to hate me, not sure why. Im not trying to be an asshole, I get that I broke the law and cant just "get away with it". Just trying to get peoples inputs on what to do. Sorry I dont want my entire summer ruined because of one small, stupid mistake

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Fight the ticket. No need for a lawyer. Do your research for people's experiences in your state. I've fought almost every ticket I've ever gotten and had it reduced to no points or lower points and just paid the fine.... which is really what they are after.

1.) plead NOT guilty
2.) show up to court dressed professionally.
3.) be respectful and apologetic
4.) talk to cop or prosecutor about lowering ticket to non-point violation
5.) profit

The last one I did was super smooth. I was hit for 75 in a 55. I pleaded not guilty and showed up fo my court date dressed professionally. I waited in line to see the prosecutor and when it was my turn he says "Are you disputing the violation or are you just worried about the points?". I said I just wanted to lower the points and, boom, he goes "OK, how does 9mph over limit sound? No points." I said sounds great. He said "ok, here you go. Take that to the clerk over there and pay the fine and you are all set." Thank you sir!

I didn't even need to deal with the cop. Experiences differ tho so that's why you have to research what goes on in your town to know what to expect.
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