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Originally Posted by pppfrank View Post
No mods at all. might need to consider upgrade some parts. to check those parts. It feels like no where to start.
If it's stock, the green o-ring inside the top leaks quite often, check the rubber that goes to the throttle body and make sure it's not cracked, loose, and that the plastic pipe that it's connected to dfoesnt have a crack.

These cars are full of plastic parts, and eliminating the m imo is your best option, if you want a long life on the car.

You said they cleaned the engine right? It could be possible they didn't tighten something up enough, or left it out completely. Open the hood, listen for hissing sounds, get a soap and water bottle and start spraying around and if bubbles form, you have your leak. If the engine surges, or does anything else while you're spraying, you have a leak there. Listen to the exhaustfrom under the car (add plenty of support, not just the jack) if you have hissing there, it's an exhaust leak.

I don't think it would be the exhaust personally, but you never know. You have aa lot of miles on your stock coil packs, so they could definitely be an issue as was already mentioned. A set of red tops is 80 ish dollars iirc. They are very reliable, and a good investment. The pcv valve is also a common area of failure, it's 80-100 to replace and only about a 15 minute job DIY.

On another note, you might want to look at you DV and make sure you don't have the rev G version, which tears and is junk. That is also the cause of boost leaks. It's worth replacing as well if that's the case.
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