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Originally Posted by U-20T View Post
Its not "for no apparent reason" its because it does not operate like a true dv valve with the extra spring nor as intended.

You want your dv to react as fast as possible with the way the dv+ with the spring its not the case. It relies on boost to physically open thus its slow (its like no hooking up vacuum lines to a pneumatic dv in a sense or putting to heavy springs in it). Then because of that 100% of excess does not pass through it. Both situations is why there is a DV in the first place....
Somebody posted some logs about the DV+, that reacts faster at low RPM while the OEM DV is faster at high RPM, wonder now if that deficiency at low RPM is actually cured with the Uni Relocation kit...?

Originally Posted by rupertpupkin View Post
See my review.
All i know is of my 3 setups, the DV+ made the car run the worst. Now I am a stage 2 Uni Golf R and FSI, but just saying what my findings were on my specific car. Really well made nice piece, but made my car suck. Very odd that the BOV on mine is the best feeling setup.
Awesome video, my car sounds just like that with the OEM DV.

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