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Originally Posted by josueleon89 View Post
I was driving off a ramp and by mistake I pressed the gas all the way to the ground and the revs went all the way to the red numbers. So when I stoped to turned the car had already cited off so I tried to started again but all it does it's a click sound. So I need some help on wether buying a used one which I got a quote and it's 2700$ or maybe just go under the carter take it off and replaced the crankshaft metals if the crankshaft it's not mess up.

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You may want to try again with language that is more clear and detailed.

Take the thing to a mechanic. Could be something as simple as a coincidental starter failure, but if you were driving really fast around the corner and also redlined it, there's a chance that it got oil starved from the hard cornering and could have burned all the bearings even if the revs were limited to 6800 RPM by the rev limiter.
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