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Tune confirmation help!?!?

I have recently bought a 2011 mk6 Gti and want to know if it's tuned. It has an eurojet downpipe with highflow car, eurojet exhaust, Stage two apr intake, catch can. It spins tires in 2nd gear easily and even 3rd gear too. I tried putting my key in the on position and hold the set button and nothing happened so I'm confused. Maybe it could be a revo one? The reason I need to know I heard that the o2 sensor and converter won't set on stage 2 Tune(which mine are doing right now)so I would want to go back to stock tune for the obd2 inspection in NY no visual. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also called apr and they told me I had to go to a dealer to find out if my car is tuned and I don't want to make the long trip if possible. Thank you in advanced.
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