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clutch disengagement lag


I've done some searching on this site, but have not come across a thread with my issue. I have a 2013 Golf R with a Spec stage 2 clutch and single mass flywheel. The clutch setup was already installed when I purchased the R and since day 1 it seemed to fight me when shifted above 6k. It didnt bother me too much with the monster midrange punch the car has so I just shifted at 6k.

Recently I have occasionally not been able to get it out of first gear after starting off the line and going for second, shifting at around 2k, normal city driving. It seems very periodic and when it starts doing it, it will continue, but some days it won't do it at all.

The other day I floored first gear up to 6k and pushed the clutch in but didn't go for second. The car was engine braking for a second or 2 with the clutch all the way to the floor. I repeated this another 2 times to be sure and sure enough it seems like there is a lag in the clutch disengaging.

Any suggestions on where to start diagnosing this issue? Should I look into replacing my slave cylinder? Is there an accumulator in this clutch system? Any suggestions are very much appreciated.



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