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Originally Posted by riceburner View Post
MAN ive got nothing for you unfortunately, mine shakes at ~80 mph since stock and still does after a good few suspension mods... really not pleasant thinking im about to do new LCA's, hub bearings, tie rods, struts, have my wheels balanced/unbent (if any are bent) and still have the same issue :/
I've done everything you've listed except for the hubs/bearings and struts. Literally racked up thousands of dollars of repair bills in the process, no end in sight. Everyone talks about what fun cars GTI's are, and a year and a half later I still haven't even gotten the chance to enjoy mine because of this issue. I thought sure the issue was my stock Detroit wheels which were bent from the previous owner, but got them fixed and it didn't get any better. Then put on a set of Sparco wheels and Michelin PSS tires, no better. Multiple alignments, whole suspension refresh, now on my set of snow tires and still not any better. It's gotten ridiculous. It does sound like we're having a similar issue though, I start feeling the shake coming on at about 60mph, but it gets really bad at ~75-80mph just as you said.
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