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Originally Posted by riceburner View Post
To follow up on guy above, I too was thinking of bearings or axles/shafts... It's really about all there is left isn't it? Haha. Warped rotors maybe??

To add info of mine, (but not to threadjack) the shaking goes away somewhere nothing of 80. It sometimes shakes a bit around 60 and up but the concentration is 80.

It is a bummer because our cars should be fun at any speed not just 0-40!

If i get around to hub bearings prior to you and have success I will let you know.. subbed to this thread.
I suppose a bent rotor is possible, but this also happened on my stock rotors as well as my upgraded set. I also get absolutely no additional vibration when on the brakes like a bent rotor would usually do. Since installing my Stoptech rotors, I've taken them back off and wirebrushed the hub underneath a second time for good measure just to make sure they seated properly as well, and no improvement whatsoever.

I saw on another thread that the issue was actually in the steering rack itself.. that's my worst fear at this point. As you said, I've replaced a good portion of the steering components in my car right now. I'm running out of options, and money at that!
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