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For sure man, I'm already on powerflex rear control arm mounts but am yet to upgrade the front bushings.

Havent touched swaybars yet so may be adding that to my list...

And did upgrade my endlinks to superpros. Was shaking before and after.

To side with you, I'm also kind of sloppy on the centerline (car wanders alot in the lane), my steering wheel hangs just a bit to the right, but the car isn't pulling unless i'm along the incline of the road. POSSIBLY i know what youre talking about going around long sweeping turns. So sounds like we may well be in the same boat as many others LOL. What a cluster!

I'm thinking of the ECS front sway bar mount kit; i hate replacing crap with OEM, may as well upgrade as I go along. Either this or pony up another $100 or so for a full upgrade sway bar, which I might just do since the sway of the car seemingly needs improvement bad mounts or not lol
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