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Originally Posted by ahard48 View Post
That's a bummer considering I have been wanting to purchase an APR Dongle. Have you submitted a support ticket through APR's website, PM Arin, or post in APR's 2.0 thread? Might get more publicity that way for answers.
Yea Good idea... I was giving them a couple weeks to get up to speed with these new apple updates. I have been working like crazy since I posted and still haven't had the chance to try and connect w/ my surface instead of iPhone. Other than the connectivity issues, I absolutely love the dongle/mobile app. I leave mine plugged in all the time and when I want to switch programs, or get a CEL, or lock my ECU, or go into Valet mode, or re-calibrate the TB to stock position ( I know there is plenty of debate about this) all it takes is a quick press of an icon on the phone screen. Also, I have not compared the dongle to the "turbo" button on VCDS, but I'm pretty sure the dongle gives significantly more data points per x period of time. Meaning you get more/quicker readings with the dongle than you do w/ VCDS. Like I said I have never verified this but that Is one of their selling points.

Still haven't been able to connect w/ my iPhone since posting this thread. I will try tonight to get hooked up with my surface. I am currently out of meth and cant pick up more meth until later this week, so I have been running 93oct K04 file instead of the 100oct, which is what I normally run daily. Because of this, I haven't had the need to make sure there is no CF in regards to timing pull on the 93 file. Once I pick up the meth and pop back over to 100oct, I will need to log my car somehow. Hopefully I can get this figured out within the next week or so. I do, however, know that it is not a OBD2 port problem. Everything else I plug in to that port works ad advertised.
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