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What is the problem of 18% fuel trim.
My R32 had about 23% to 25% when I was on 100% E85 I did a 110000 mile ( hundred and ten thousand) with all kind of weather going to ski resort at 7000 feet elevation with freezing temp then on the sea where I leave in summer with 100. Never had a problem with that R32 with supercharger. now on my AE888 engine van I'm running most of the time with E40 with fuel trim at +21to 23% also no problem since 10000 miles.
You know those new smart ECU that mostly work on closed loop can adapt to a lot of thing's without a tune.

Nobody in france want's to do me a flexfuel tune so I have to find my own trick to get kind of flex fuel van.

I remember that the tuner who did the flexfuel tune for my supercharged R32 said he was down scalling the injector by 15% in the tune on purpose to get some extra range of adaptation for E85 so that the fueling have enough room to adapte by itself via fuel trim to any mix of E85 and gazoline. And it worked perfectly for 8 year I could feel with whatever.

By that he mean getting more than +25% of adaptation.
Because if you ZERO is not ZERO but minus 15 then you have 40% of positive adaptation range. Isn't it?

In france we have a few forum of people running their car on E85 without tuning.
Because they can save so much money. 1Gallon of 93 is 6.3$ 1 gallon of E85 is 3.3$ they log their car to see how it adapte some have done more than 200000 miles. some brand have enough range in the ECU and fuel componant that flow enough to adapte to 100% E85 with out any tune.
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