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Originally Posted by veedoubleme View Post
Much smoother than my stage 1 tune. Now that I'm stage 2, I feel like I'm half way in between the smoothness. With K04, what grabbed me was the INSANE power from the midrange all the way to redline. It's still totally daily drivable and feels stock until you open it up, and then it just... keeps... pulling...

The IHI turbo peaks hard and quick but then out and runs out of breath to toward the end, where the K04 builds fast and then just plows through it's range until the end. It's wonderful.
I agree 100%. It's perfect for a daily driver. The power comes on strong and just look at most K04 dyno runs how smooth it is.

I mean it's not a huge jump up from stock as far as physical size but the power you get is perfect.

I've owned and driven BT high HP cars. Yea you get to brag about 600hp but half the time you never get in to full boost on the street. Plus when you do have an open road to floor it once you get in to boost at like 5k RPM it climbs so quickly you have to shift like you're masturbating on crack.
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