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Cannonball Run

Thought id share my description of my cannonball run car. This is a "so far" list, its growing daily. After I complete my drive I will update the thread with pictures. For privacy concerns I'm not including pictures.

2014 MK6 GTI 6 speed manual cannonball run car

List of Mods:
Stage 1 tune
BMC air drop in filter
R8 coils
APR solid shifter bracket
eurosport rear stress bar
Additional 10 gallon fuel cell
Hawk HPS Pads
New OEM Rotors
R32 under tray

List of Electronics:
Valentine V1
Garmin Nuvi 55 - basecamp
Uniden pro520xl CB
Uniden bct15x with GPS
iPhone 6 running Waze and alternative routes
Laser Veil
Cobra CBRHGA1500 CB antenna
Wideband Scanner antenna

A few other items I can't tell you about

Let me know what you guys think.

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