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Originally Posted by Carlosfandango View Post
If your original was 6.6 and you then put in a 6.4 it would not be ok but Iím not sure the other way around? I think itís ok but Iíll need to check, what is the car behaving like with the new filter fitted? Have you cleared the fault codes? Do they come back?

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Original was 6.4Bar it had done 60K miles, i have had the car since 30K miles and i have not had it changed and from what i can see the previous owner didn't change it either so it was due i believe.

The new one is 6.6Bar the car started straight away and i done a test drive with no problems, the car was a little shaky still on idle but no fault codes at the minute but i have not really drove it, i'm going to cold start it tomorrow morning and give it a good drive on the country roads near me.

So that's spark plugs, coils and fuel filter if it has not resolved my problem it should be the injectors.
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