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Originally Posted by fnord View Post
Hey, here's a tip: If you don't know the answer, instead of just spouting bull to feel good about yourself, don't.

Maybe you should do some research about European testing cycles and how VW engineers what is more or less a 'world car'.

In other words, here's a tip for you: Do your research before thinking you know something that doesn't exist. Do you really think the cars VW builds for the European market have 2.5% more HP and get 25% better gas mileage than the rest of the world?

I appreciate your input on the subject, but you're simply out of your league here.

Originally Posted by jackgti View Post
There are many BBS wheels I love, and I love BBS in general, but in my opinion this style of wheel doesn't look great on the MK6. The MK6 deserves a VMR V710 looking wheel.

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