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Originally Posted by 2.0t_convert View Post
Somewhere in your statement is the answer.

You didn't give enough information in the initial statement.

US EPA vs UK ECE-15 are two different test cycles with the US EPA testing using higher speed highway travelling, quicker pace acceleration, and more stop/go driving, etc.

Using my last for for example: Honda CR-Z. Virtually the same in both countries.
UK: 6.1/4.4 l/100 km
US: 7.6/6.4 l/100 km

Same car. Different test cycles.
Thank you sir.
Originally Posted by jackgti View Post
There are many BBS wheels I love, and I love BBS in general, but in my opinion this style of wheel doesn't look great on the MK6. The MK6 deserves a VMR V710 looking wheel.
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