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Originally Posted by davisharr View Post
Yeah, I know my car hasn't been tuned for long, but the R8 coils was a mod the previous owner did, so maybe they are older than I think. When the Audi dealer opens tomorrow I am going to replace all 3 of the ones that I know aren't new, just in case. Then see what happens. Probably just older than I though, and if 2 have failed the other 2 are probably soon to come. Just glad I know how to diagnose this issue myself now, would be expensive if I had to pay for a tow because the car went straight into limp mode this time and was un drivable. Last time I had one fail on me it started by only breaking up under boost.
which cylinder? maybe the harness is bad/needs replacing?

also, are you certain that theyre R8 red tops and not just OEM packs that are red colored? i have seen those around for sale, just wanted to be sure....

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