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Originally Posted by Steve@Unitronic View Post

We totally understand your frustration and I would personally feel the same way.

It was very difficult for us to provide a release date for the K04 tune because there is more than just a tune and that you can't see it.

The K04 tune will not only be offered for the MK6 GTI but for ALMOST all platforms with the TSI engine and this includes VW's Audi's and SEAT's. This requires extra R&D to make it available for pretty much all ecu types. I won't get into the details but you get an idea why it takes a little longer. Our strategy isn't to release a tune as quick as possible without being able to support different platforms.

For your information, a release date will be announced next week. We're looking for 1-2 weeks time frame so the official date will be in between that time frame.

In regards your pm's and emails, please send them over to me. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions.


I appreciate the response, this is the answer i've been searching for. I do understand the concept you guys are trying to do with the whole every tsi engine. But I'm wondering why not perfect each class of car with the tsi engine instead of trying to do all of them at once, that way you could code the ecu faster and get some of the product out I guess.

But non the less, thanks for the response and I guess ill be keeping my eye out for updates.
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