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Originally Posted by AnthonyNTC3 View Post
Good reasons to not tune (not saying I wont but just good reasons)

1. The transmission.
If you are 6MT: your clutch will not hold the extra 80lb-ft of torque. It will slip, and then you will have to replace it with an upgraded clutch and flywheel, which will make alot of noise and cost anywear from $1200-$1800 to replace. It will then make noise while in neutral since the DMFW is removed (I have done this before and hated it)

If you are DSG: This transmission handles the power fine, BUT now that VW can see if you are tuned, they can readily deny you warranty coverage on your transmissions. Have you seen the bill for mechantronics or transmission replacement? It is a some-what common failure. If I recall mechatronics replacement is over 2K and a transmission is 5k.
There are been more failures of clutches with stock cars than tuned cars according to Bender's poll. Seems more likely to be an issue of driving style than power. That said, the OEM clutch is not real strong, so yeah, it can be iffy. DSG repairs/replacements are not even close to some-what common failures. That's BS. If you disagree, find me lots of threads.

Originally Posted by AnthonyNTC3 View Post
2. Front Wheel Drive: The stock chassis/engine is very balanced for a FWD car. I do not need to worry about spinning the tires through second gear.
Stage 2 with summer tires, a little wheel spin at the top of first, and then none after that. I have no problem getting the power down:

Originally Posted by AnthonyNTC3 View Post
3. Performance: Yes, you get a "torque mountain" at about 3500rpm but our tiny little turbo cant do to much up top. Stg1 can get you into the high 13s low 14s in the 1/4 mile. I ran a 14.4 bone stock. Not worth the expense to gain a few tenths in the quarter mile.
It's not a "torque mountain at about 3500 RPM". There is massive torque right off idle, and it doesn't start to fall off until after 4000 RPM. For daily driving, that torque range is insanely usable. You can talk 1/4 mile crap all day, but it's not a 1/4 mile car. It's a daily driver for almost everybody on here and for that, stage 1, 2, and K04 are all fantastic upgrades. Regarding top end, there is more power up top than you think. HP starts falling off at 5000 with stage 1, but with stage 2 and an intake, it pulls very good up top, all the way to 6000.

Originally Posted by AnthonyNTC3 View Post
4. Greed. This is probably the biggest one. Soon you will get used to your stg1, and then want stage 2. Then KO4, then GT28....get the picture. No matter what you drive you will get used to it, and always want more. Boost is addicting.
Kind of agree on that, but I'm pretty happy with stage 2. Happier than I thought I would be.

I would say you listed reasons you may not want to tune, but I don't they they are "good reasons not to tune" for everybody else.
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