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Originally Posted by jettaglx91 View Post
really? I assumed it was pulling the actual map sensor value
Originally Posted by kern417 View Post
nope. i thought so too but confirmed with them a little while ago. they even managed to sell my friend a gauge flash for his tune because supposedly it needed to be calibrated for the new maf signal. shortly after i ditched mine.

the analog sensor should work no matter what the setup.
For the MAF portion yes I could see that but not the MAP portion, because if it was MAF driven then stock vs say k04 the values would be all F'd up since you are flowing more air with ko4 at 10psi than you are with oem, also BT car works also so stock 10psi call it 220 g/sec max (example only) and 10psi on a gt30 10psi 270g/sec (example only)
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