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The interior quality isn't up to par with the GTI. I went from a Subaru to Volkswagen and I really do miss a lot of things about the Subaru, but the interior is not one of those things. I'm not sure where BlueE30 is getting his info, but Subaru's are bulletproof, if reliability is a concern the Subaru will be much more reliable than a GTI, and when it does break will be much less expensive to repair. I love the way the GTI handles, but Subaru's all wheel drive feels even better. Exiting corners quickly in the GTI leads to wheel spin, in a Subaru you can pull much harder out of a corner (at least the perception is that you can exit a corner faster, and isn't perception more important to fun than the actual clock?).

I have no doubt whatsoever that you would love a WRX.
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