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Optimum No Rinse wash, or whatever random traditional rinse wash you want with a quality microfiber mitt and Optimum Spray Wax. Wash it once every week or two and use the spray wax once a month. Use 1z on interior panels with a vacuum cleaner and a variety of brushes to get into cracks. This shouldn't take you more than an hour a week.

I stopped using the Optimum Spray Wax and changed to Meguiar's microfiber DA pad system using D30116 wax with DMF6 finishing discs on my cheapo Harbor Freight polisher. Frequency is once every couple of months. With the DA the wax goes on super fast and this particular wax wipes off quick and easy.

Once every year or two I'll decontaminate with D30016 correction compound with DMC6 cutting pads. Count on spending an entire day to do this, it doesn't go fast unless you're a well practiced professional.

A lot of car enthusiasts are very fussy about all the steps they take to care for their car, and if that makes them happy I'm happy for them. Personally, I know that if I don't keep it as simple, easy, and quick as possible I won't do it as often as I need to. For most of my car's life it was washed with Optimum No-Rinse and followed on with Optimum Spray Wax, and I have received a lot of comments from people on how my car doesn't look nearly as old as it is.
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