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Should I buy a GTI (first vw)

I've owned 37 cars and no I've never wrecked any of them, I mainly have subarus but am thinking about down sizing my car payment as it is currently 420 a month. If I buy this car I checked with my bank and would only be paying 260 so hmmmmm. Are these reliable good cars ?
Ok so I'm I'm thinking about getting my first VW
I'm looking at a 2010 GTI white 4dr, 6 spd auto, it has aprx 29k miles on it.
The car is $14,900

It's a one owner car with no accidents

Is there anything I need to know about With GTI's that I should be aware of?

Car seems to be in great shape no dings or scratches it appears someone has done a poor job on trying to powder coat the rims on it but other than that car is nice. It has a few scratches around the shifter boot which appears to normal for this car so I've read!

Let me see if I can post a link to the car

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