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Video: MK7 vs MK6 APR stage 1

hello again fellow Mark 6ers

there is no doubt that on paper a MK7 is lighter, more powerful & has much more torque than its predecessor...

people were wondering by how much it is faster in real life?

I suppose you have alreading watched the stock vs stock video

for those who missed it Have a look at it here

well, that was long time ago! since then mk6 got an APR Stage 1 tune along with full carbonio intake stage 1+2 which made quite a good gains and I strongly recommend the upgrade for anyone who still has a stock mk6

meeh you've read enough already! I'll just cut it straight to the new video

Stock MK7 vs APR stage 1 MK6

Note: this is the standard 220hp MK7 GTI without performance package... read video description
what do you think? anybody trading in his/her mk6 for mk7?

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