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So I want to go for the downpipe exhaust and you says it removes the "stock catalytic converters", implying 2, and replacing with 1 "high flow 200 cell count metal catalytic converter". Does this cause any malfunction codes to appear? Will it still pass emissions testing? I don't have any, just wondering. Is the stage 2 flash used to disable something to stop the error code? Does the flash increase power or just stop errors? What happens if I install the downpipe exhaust but don't get the flash?

What kind of power gain is claimed? Is it top end, low end or all over? I looking of street power, not racing power.

Yes a lot of questions but I'm still learning the new stuff. Last car to tinker with was a 83 GTI and things have changed a little.

I'll be at headquarters tomorrow to get stage one flash, unless the snow stops me!
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