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The vid was in dutch which is my mother language. I tried to translate it into english and here's the result of me trying to translate the comment of the reviewer:

Oh yes he can!

I always found the Volkswagen Golf R32 a brilliant car. Not because he’s such a hot shaped sportscar or because he surprised me with his awesome handling. No, the main attraction of that car was it’s engine. That 6 cilinder sounded so good that if you would start him in the morning your neighbours in a manner of speaking would come outside to thank you and now there is this Golf R. A 6 cilinder in a compact middle class isn’t allowed anymore apparently so now he has a 4 cilinder. It sounds like the end of the real spectaclegolf. But don’t grieve too soon cause this Golf R is nicely enough faster then that R32.

Yes, cause that R32 went in 6.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h with DSG an this one does it in only 5.5 seconds. That R32 had 250 HP and this one pumps out for the hell of it 270. In addition it had 30 Nms more at lower rpms and it’s also 20% more fuel effiecent. So who’s talking about regression.

Who thinks that this R is a modified GTI is wrong cause this has a completely different engine. This 2 liter we already know from the Audi S3 and has a firmly larger turbo. The downside of that it starts really pushing a bit later then the engine from the GTI, somewhere around 2500 rpm but the advantage is that you can roomily accelerate to 6000 rpm without having the turbo getting out of breath. Speaking about this engine. He makes me quite happy as a matter of fact. He is quite bright, reacts also good to the throttle and secretly it also sounds pretty good with those provocative little bangs coming from the exhaust pipes.

Altough yes, as smooth as the VR6 in that Golf R32, those days are over.

According to VW we need to see this Golf R as the bill board for the technique of it’s concern. Yes, cause you can order this R with almost every available option that VW has for the Golf in its racks. Standard it has 4motion 4 wheel drive inside, a 6 speed DSG is optional even as the adjustable suspension and a excellent audiosystem. This Golf R is by that more meant as seriously fat Gran Tourismo then as die hard sportscar. No, and you would notice that if took it like me on a track. With the gearbox and the engine is not much wrong but its riding qualities aren’t that supertight. He steers not a direct as I had suspected, he also feels quite large and is thereby not that good to set then for example the Megane RS that Frank recently tested. So for the real thrills you can beter have that one.

Volkswagen has put down a neat allround sportive car again with the Golf R. No sportscar but a sportive car. Now there rests me only the most important question: can this little 4 cilinder Golf give me a still a bit of goosebumps. Answer: Absolutely!

+ Doesn’t dissapoint
+ Sportive but also allround

- We miss that sound...
- With 46k quite pricey
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