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I just got the Pioneer AVH-8400 set up with App Radio and the VGA adapter. I put in the head unit last year and just got the app radio done. App radio is cool. A little bit complicated but in general I like it because I am a techie. I think in a couple generations it will be seamless.

The connectivity for app radio is a hassle since you have to use an awkward series of cables and adapters. The car media player is sluggish. The Motion X app is awesome, really nice navigator. Bluetooth audio finally works properly with the song information. Only issue is that you cannot use Sirius and the Motion X - since the app radio apps all require Bluetooth audio be active.

One note - watch out how much time you spend configuring the system. I have a JL Audio HD900 with a JL Audio stealthbox sub and after four hours of wiring and testing I drained the batter and had to call for a jump start. Pretty embarrassing. The AAA guy thought I was a dope as did my wife. I guess the next step is a separate battery for the sound system.
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