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Originally Posted by TimS View Post
I've never been with a company that waives the deductible for anything other than repair. They're generally not going to do anything that costs them extra money unless they're required by law.

Considering it's not an issue that comes up very often, it's cheaper in the long run to pay $500 if/when you need a new windshield as opposed to the extra money on your bill for the coverage.
You misunderstood. The insurance company doesn't waive the deductible. They offer a zero deductible glass coverage option. You have to elect it. The premium cost difference between zero deductible and $250 or $500 glass deductible is negligible. I think it was something like $3 more a month for me. Plus, most windshields are less than $500 to replace so it doesn't make any sense at all to pay for a deductible for this coverage.

I guess most people just aren't aware of this option...and I'm sure that's just how insurance companies like it...
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