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Originally Posted by MBorVW View Post
I just got these tires and love them! Great grip and very quiet.

Damn I think I missed out on the that new?
oh nice, I'm looking fwd to them. how are they in snow?

rebate- i think there is 50 or 80 on their site, and then the ebay listing has it for the $100.

Originally Posted by JhnR View Post
The deal is good for 2 more days. I will order my Summer V12's tomorrow!...or should i get all seasons...
does it even snow by you? if not, V12s! sick prices indeed...

they actually forgot the rebate form, so I emailed them and msg'd them thru ebay to ask for it, cos after that, they would have been $396 shipped for mine.
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Everybody knows GunKata > *.*

No GunKata, no care.

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