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Doing some sunday morning work on the gti little things only. Next weekend I'm going to try to get the brakes on & the R tails. I also will get it on the lift for the first round of suspension mods.

Big props to john@FTC5 for the sidemarkers. I also have him working on a new project for me, since these turned out so well. If the color looks a tiny bit off it's because I have a expel clear bra on the the car & the sidemarkers don't yet so it reflects the light a bit differently, but they are a dead on factory match:

Now, I'm a self admitted carbon fiber junkie & had a few real cf overlay parts made up to compliment the tid paddle extensions. It may not be to everyone's taste, but I like it. I had a ton of cf in my mkv so I'm just continuing the trend. You'll understand when you see the bay when it's done.

Now if your wondering why I didn't do my headunit it's because I'm retro fitting in a 510 so I can run the CC back up camera & that's been done too:

IMO I like the center dash overlayed in cf, but I don't think I'll do any more as I feel more would become gaudy. Especially as I do a new interior etc... Can't wait for next weekend to start knocking out some bigger mods.
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