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I'm loving my under seat subwoofer. Used an LC2i, which did require a bit of tweaking, but overall it sounds great. I used a Pioneer TSWX120A and the cabling was relatively easy. There's a proper grounding point in the passenger footwell, and a little 'cow udder' for the power in the footwell also. I used the LC2i remote trigger for the subwoofer remote circuit. I didn't need to pull apart anything except for a little passenger side trim and of course removing the head unit.

I found the best sounding settings was to leave eq relatively flat in the head unit, shift the balance one back towards the rear seats, and increase the LC2i bass recovery until it sounds good. The Pioneer sub has a remote which I velcroed in the little cubby on the drivers side, but since tuning it properly I haven't needed to use it.
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