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I checked around here. The brooklyn dealer has some 4 door 2.5 golfs automatic with sunroof etc. They don't list the color on either one, which might be why it doesn't come up on search

But at that price it's a bit crazy 23k for a golf to get sirius and steering wheel controls? If you want the sirius and leatherwrapped steering wheel and controls... A Tiguan would be a good buy at the same price. They all come standard with those features. 4 doors... plus you get the 2.0T engine. As long as you don't need a sunroof. Plus they have some really good deals on leasing or sale for those atm.

I just got my mom a Tiguan S 4 motion and I'd take it over a golf at the same price any day. (would be FWD for the same price obviously)
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