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Originally Posted by Ash3000k View Post
I got the APR 210 remap, I'm very happy with their switching software and the ability to erase codes and TBA

The only thing I'm not 100% on is the DSG gearbox with the 98octane remap, just seems a little harsh for everyday driving as it makes the gearbox a little snatchy (but great for track driving)

But the 95 remap is very nice for everyday driving and the DSG seems quite happy with it,

All in all I would highly recommend the APR remap
Good news, currently my car is in VW workshop it has been 2 months just to get the engine replaced and thank god it was within the warranty period.
After that ill install the software and the LED + suspensions.
Actually, in my country we have a lot of highways, so yeh it will be harsh in your case and from my experience the 1.4 tsi is a little bit annoying during rush hours
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