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"Gearbox overheated"

Guys, I had not tried a launch-control in a while. Tonight I decided to do one. My car is a DSG. I had been driving the car for half an hour before on the highway.

Manual gearbox mode. Normal procedure. I take off in 1st gear, and as I approach the redline I switch to 2nd gear. I got a "Gearbox overheated" message in red color in the MFD and the engine immediately stalled. After a few seconds, I was able to drive off normally. No further incident. This had not happened before and the 3 tunes that changed since my last launch-control are the KW coilovers, the Wavetrac LSD and the H&R swaybar which I got installed during the Christmas break. Do you guys have any thoughts on this ? I don't particularly worry about it, just wondering what could have triggered this.

I presume this means no more 0-100km/h for me !!!

(outside temperature: 13degrees celcius, if it matters).
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