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My kill list is pretty long. Lots of stupid shit and stuff that are obvious wins, a couple good ones (that people will debate with me on), but all legit, just about 100% from a roll and not a dig unless otherwise mentioned. Almost all of these were not instigated by me either, I don't typically instigate a race.

Multiple Honda's of various flavors, only once one that was somewhat quick (98 Integra GSR)
Multiple Dodge Avenger's
Multiple 350z's
Mustang 4.6L GT (early 00's model)
Mustang v6 (2014 model)
Challenger v6
Tuned Mini (I actually barely lost, long story but I wouldn't have if I'd have known we were racing before he blew past me)
The 06' Gen WRX
The 12' Gen STI
1st new gen (06-10) Charger R/T
6.0 GTO - He killed me from a dig, but from a roll I held dead even with him (I'll catch shit for that, but it happened).
Camaro SS - Not a "kill" because I didn't win, because I shouldn't, but I held even with him. Yes it was an SS, I talked to him after and he was really confused because he knew I shouldn't have hung with him either. From a roll I held dead even with him from 2nd - 4th when we had to shut it down (102ish). From a dig he pulled 1 car and then I held even with him through 3rd. He thought I was driving a rabbit, legit confused and made a lot of this face once we stopped
Stage 3 Focus ST - 280whp/360wtq on E30. I'm friends with him, I know all his specs.

I'm sure I'm forgetting others, there have been a ton. My car runs hard, I can't have run into that many shitty drivers...No, I don't have DSG advantage either.
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