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MK6 stage 2 kill stories, lets hear them!

8th gen civic si

Previous gen, same motor as current, STI

Previous gen R/T Charger

Previous gen V6 genesis coupe

Scion TC

Cobalt SS S/C

Acura RSX-S

Nissan 350z - lower revving engine

Hemi 300c

Several SRT4's

Previous gen wrx

Modded f150 raptor

90's Z28 with some bolt-ons

9th gen civic si with Vit tune and intake

Late model impala ss

The riced out version of a g6, gxp?

Late 80's 5.0 stang

I've lost track honestly. Have APR intake, TBE, intercooler, stage 2 tune, and DSG reflash. Car trapped 103.5 on all-seasons and that was my first time going to a strip. Best time was a 13.7 and that was with a half tank of gas, full interior, spare, and 93 octane. Can't remember if I had the intercooler then.
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